Put on Your Big Girl Panties

While writing for one of my personal blogs, I came up with a post about doing things I don’t really want to do when it comes to freelance writing.  The title, naturally, is Put On Your Big Girl Panties and Suck it Up.  That got me thinking about the origin of that phrase and how it relates to the ideals of feminism.  Is this phrase a slur on women, or just a funny way of telling us to quit whining?

According to the Urban Dictionary, “put on your big girl panties” means “an expression that is used to say "Grow Up, Move On and Be An Adult".”  When you Google the phrase, a lot of results come up about that very thing.  In every context, someone is being whiny, not being an adult, or just not stepping up to the plate.

We all have days like that, I’m sure.  In the case of my blog post, I was writing about going out of my comfort zone and doing things I dread like the plague, such as doing phone interviews or writing things I have no experience writing, like press releases.  I had to force myself to just suck it up and get the job done, because if we stay in our comfort zone, we never progress.  Writing is bread and butter for our family, so I cannot allow myself to stagnate.

In the case of feminists putting on our big girl panties, I think it’s all the same.  I don’t feel like this phrase is a knock on women at all, but people in general who need to get going on doing what needs to be done.

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